Christmas Time!!

My deer were always listening the importance of sharing with others... This year they have learned to share their toys, games, materials and even their own friends!! But, this time we are doing something special. We all know that it's Christmas time and we decided to donate some presents to some poor children who live in the "Asentamiento Humano Medina Paredes" of Miraflores. To make this more special for our children and to make them internalize the meaning of sharing in a concrete way, I asked them to help me wrap all the presents we have bought and so they gladly did!!

I explained to my deer that they will make 14 children feel more happy in Christmas night because they are sharing with them and that the most important part of all, is that they are doing it with love!! I think that opportunities like this, make us reflect about all the good things we have in our lives and make us thank God for all his blessings!! We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!! JO JO JO!!

Good bye Deer...

My beautiful Deer,

It seems like yesterday when you came for the very first time to my class... I can remember your beautiful eyes looking at me, trying to express what you couldn't say with words.

While time was passing by, we became a very strong group that enjoy playing and having fun in class. We have a special quote: "One for all and all for one" and that's exactly the way I'm going to keep you in mind. I want you to remember all the moments we have spent together and all the funny situations in which we have been involved. Our imagination had always carried us through places that we haven't imagined before and it also let us solve some impossible missions and adventures. Please, never ever stop dreaming!!

It's been a pleasure for me to be your teacher. I want to thank you all for letting me be part of your marvellous world, for your kindness, friendship, and love. I will never forget you!!

With love,

Miss Tatiana.