Video conference / Story time

Hello everybody!!

For those who were following the process of our video conferences with USA, here you have the note of our last conversation with our friends from Jacksonville, Florida.

This time each group prepared a story and we shared a marvellous story time. Our dear friends of Kindergarten told us the story: "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?" with Mrs. Tolisano help and we told the story: "Rico, Feo".

It was really funny and special to have shared these wonderful conferences with you friends! Thank you very much for letting us develop the project between our classes and the most important thing of all, for have became our trully friends. Love you all!

It is very important for all of us to know that technology brings us the opportunity of doing whatever we want to, without distances and languages limits. Start using technology as the marvellous tool it is. Go!!

Video Conference / Sing along time

Hello everybody!!

As you know, two weeks ago we had our first video conference with our Kinder friends from San Jose Episcopal School Jacksonville-Florida. That was a good opportunity to play a game and to introduce ourselves for the first time.

On this second video conference, we shared a sing along time together. The song we sang was "One hand, two hands" and we did it in both English and Spanish because our friends are learning Spanish as well as we are learning English.

While we were chatting and singing together, my children and I decided to teach our friends a new song, and that's what we did! The song we choose was "La vaca Lola" that is a short and funny one.

Then, we started asking each other how do animals say in each country and he had some funny differences like in dogs for example: dogs in USA say "woof woof" and in Peru they say "guau guau".

We had a great time learning together! We are waiting for the third one!


Video Conference with U.S.A.

Hello everydody!!

Do you remember one of my last posts about having new friends? Well, this is a good opportunity to keep on talking about them. After that great morning of meeting and sharing breakfast with Silvia and Terry, we continued keeping in touch via skype.

We had talked about doing some projects together with our classes. So, we decided to match her Kindergarten students from USA with our Pre-K classes (Ponies and Deer)from Peru in a video conference. Miss Marijú was also excited and ready to collaborate with us, too.

Last Tuesday was the big day for our first video conference. This time we played a game called “Arbolito del Peru” that Mrs. Gallo (their Spanish teacher) had taught them. It is a counting out type of game, where students introduce themselves with their names. SJEDS students did it in Spanish and of course, we did it in English.

We had a great time together :)
It is amazing to now that nowadays technology let us develop this kind of projects, even with the little ones! I am really proud to say that this is the first time that children from Pre-Kinder participate in a video conference at our school.

We are planning two more video conferences with our new friends in USA over the next two weeks to sing songs and read a bilingual story together. Stay alert and see you soon with more news!