A family week

Hello everyone!

Last week here in Peru, we were celebrating the family's day. Eventhough this day is not so popular, I don´t want to stay apart of telling you about it.

Wherever we go we always find different kind of families, but I learned that all of them are the same in one thing: LOVE. For all that love we feel for our families I invite you to go home, look at them, and thank God for that wonderful pride of being part of it.

Today I found this beautiful story and I want to share it with you. Perhaps it is still the right time for me to show it to you and for you to share it with them. Hope you like it!


"Mr. Sun"

Oh Mr. Sun, sun
Mr. golden sun.
Won't you shine
down on me? (2)

Oh Mrs. Moon, moon
Mrs. silver moon.
Won't you shine
down on me? (2)

You can listen and download this song in the following link:


This is the way

This is the way
we wash our clothes
wash our clothes,
wash our clothes.
This is the way
we wash our clothes,
all in fresh, clean water.

This the way
we splash and swim,
splash and swim,
splash and swim.
This is the way
we splash and swim,
all in fresh, clean water.

This is the way
we wash our hands,
wash our hands,
wash our hands.
This is the way
we wash our hands,
all in fresh, clean water.


Field Trip to "El Arriero" 2

Hello everybody!

As I promise you before, I am going to tell you more about our last adventure to "El Arriero" and the activities my children enjoyed there.

There were some games they liked a lot! one of them consisted in catching a hen that afraid was running with no direction. Can you imagine all my students running towards her? It was really funny! lots of laughs and screams mixed while running. The winner of this game was: Sandra Montero Arias, who received a plant as a prize.

The other game I want to share with you consisted in finding a carrot that was hidden in the straw. It was so easy for our winner: Bruno Díaz Ruíz, who won a plant, too.

Do you want to see what I'm talking about? Of course you can!! I made this video thinking of you... Hope you like it!


Field Trip to "El Arriero"

Hello everybody!!

According to our activity programme my students and I went to our second field trip. This time we chose the interactive farm "El Arriero" because we have been working with animals and this farm has also a Veggie Patch that aloud us to cover this topic, too.

All my students were really happy to see the farm animals. They touched them, feed them, and even played with them! Here you have some pictures about this wondeful day we spent together.

I promise you to put more information and images about it!! Enjoy...


"Maytime Magic"

A little seed
for me to sow.

A little earth
to make it grow.

A little hole,
a little pat.

A little wish
and that is that.

A little sun.

A little shower.

A little while...
and then a flower!


Story time!!

Hello everybody,

Now that we are learning about plants and everything related with them, I want to share with you two stories that I found: the first one, which is about germination and the growing process of plants while the other explains us the life cycle.

Both of them have beautiful illustrations and I hope you can share them with your children. Have a good time!

"Plant some seeds"

Dig, dig, dig
and plant some seeds.

Rek, rek, rek
and pull some weeds.

Water them well
and soon you'll see.

Little sprouds
for you and me.


An Inquiry into: Veggie Patch

Hello everybody!!
Now it's time to tell you that my students are working with our inquiry unit of Veggie Patch. As you can see in the picture, they learned the names of the parts of the plants and copied them from the board.

Now they are involved in the process of exploring and investigating in order to acquire more information related with plants. We will also start working with some experiments that you will find attached in this blog.

Stay alert!!