Time to say good bye...

My little sweethearts,

This has been such a wonderful year thanks to you! Our class had lots of joy, happiness, and love. I will never forget the very first moment in which we became friends.

Each one of you has something special to offer. Your arms are always ready to hold tight, your ears always listen to what they need to hear, and your smile can light the dark. Then everything around becomes beautiful. Please never stop being you!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the pleasure of being your teacher this year and for letting me be part of your world. Thank you very much for your friendship and for always trying to find a way to solve a problem.

I have to say good bye now, but you know that you can always count on me. I love you very much!!


Miss Tatiana.

Mis queridos pericotes,

Así les digo yo ¿verdad? Este ha sido un año muy especial para mí. Sus sonrisas se plasmaron en mi corazón desde el primer día en que los conocí.

Cada uno de ustedes tiene algo especial que lo distingue de los demás y lo convierte en alguien único. Cada uno de ustedes tiene una sonrisa que puede iluminar la noche, unos brazos que saben cómo abrazar de verdad, un espíritu que desborda alegría y un corazón que no hace más que regalar amor.

Quiero agradecerles por todo un año lleno de sorpresas, ocurrencias, anécdotas y mucha alegría. No podemos negar que también hubieron momentos en que debimos ponernos serios y conversar acerca de algún problema que se nos presentaba, pero siempre pudimos encontrar una buena solución y llegar a un acuerdo.

Debo despedirme sólo por el momento, ya que siempre estaré aquí para ustedes. Mantengan sus ganas de trabajar y de hacer las cosas cada vez mejor. No dejen de intentar hasta conseguir lo que están buscando, no dejen de sonreír ni de mirar siempre con sinceridad, no dejen de soñar ni de buscar siempre lo ideal; pero lo más importante: no dejen de ser ustedes mismos.

Les dejo todo mi cariño y un abrazo lleno de muchas sonrisas. Los quiero mucho.

Miss Tatiana.


Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Hello everybody!!

Time has passed so fast, and here we are getting ready for Christmas!! Yesterday my students listened to the story of Rudolph and really liked it.

Thinking about that, I started searching for a video related with the story and... I found a musical act that comes in three parts. I am placing it here for you. Hope you like it!!


Phonics /v/ and /h/

Hello everybody!!

In this opportunity we present you the two phonics we have learned these last weeks: /v/ and /h/. Hope you can practice this new vocabulary at home.


Jack and Jill

Hello everybody!!

This is a very known nursery rhyme that we are working in class. Read the instructions below the lyrics, so you can play the same way we do in the classroom. Hope you can find a moment to play this with your children. Good luck!!

Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
(Hold thumbs straight up,
alternating them upward)

Jack fell down and broke his crown,
(Wiggle one thumb and wrist downward)

And Jill came tumbling after.
(Wiggle other thumb and wrist downward)

Here I left you a video with the tune of the song, so you can sing it easily!


Phonic /b/

Hello everybody!!

Along this year, my children have been learning different phonics. Now they know almost 15 of them and today we want to share with you what words we are learning with the phonic /b/


Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty
sat on a wall.

Humpty Dumpty
had a great fall.

All the king's horses
and all the king's men,
couldn't put Humpty
together again.



Hello everybody!!

Let me tell you something about Tacna, our last department in our Peruvian coast:

- Tacna, is a city in southern Peru and the regional capital of the Tacna Region. It is located on the border with Chile.

- Present-day Tacna Region was occupied by forces from neighboring Chile as a result of the War of the Pacific. Tacna was reincorporated into Peruvian sovereignty in 1929 and today it is known for being one of the most patriotic areas in the country.

- Tacna was initially called San Pedro de Tacna. It has gained a reputation for patriotism, with many monuments and streets named after heroes of Peru's struggle for independence (1821-1824) and the War of the Pacific (1879-1883).

- Residents of Tacna are known in Spanish as "tacneños".

- Many monuments are located in this city, including "The Arch of the Alto de la Alianza", which shows the significance of this town.

You can see more about Tacna by watching this video. Enjoy!!


Hello everybody!!
This is almost the last place of our peruvian coast that we are going to present. It's Moquegua's turn and it comes in charge of Daniela Morales Macedo Flores. Let's see what she has to tell about Moquegua!

- The Plaza de Armas, is a very beautiful Main Square which is the center of the city. It was designed by French Architect Gustave Eiffel.

- Moquegua's Cathedral and "Cerro Baúl" are some of the city attractions.

- High quality alfalfa as well as fruits, especially grapes, are produced here, due to a good climate and a rich soil.

- The Ubinas Volcano, Peru's most active volcano, is located nearby.

There is a video with some Moquegua images that you can enjoy. Hope you like it!!


Hello everybody!!

Now we are going to learn more about Arequipa. In this opportunity we have Marcelo López and Andrea Martínez in charge of the information. Let's see what we learn from them!

- Arequipa is also called "the city where the volcanoes rest" because it's surrounded by three impressive volcanoes: Misti, Chachani, and PichuPichu.

- The most important and known of them is The Misti.

- There are numerous points of interest in the Arequipa region. For example: The Colca Canyon, that is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.

- Another important touristic places are: Santa Catalina Monastery and Yanahuara.

- Something also important in Arequipa is food, like "rocoto relleno".

Well, that's all for now, but you can enjoy more by watching this video:


Hello everybody!!

We are getting closer to the end of our coast. This time, we have Luz María Alcalá and Nicolás Vega, who explained us about the marvellous city of Ica. Here some important information:

- One of the most popular places to visit in Ica is La Huacachina. The famous desert oasis is located 5km from Ica. It is a small lake with medicinal water, lying in the middle of a spectacular sand desert.

- "Frijol colado" is one of the desserts that you can find in Ica.

- Pisco is the most important port in Ica. Pisco was home of an ancient pre-Hispanic culture, Paracas, who are known for their exquisite textiles.

- The Nazca Lines, which are geoglyphs and geometric line clearings in the Atacama desert, in the district of Nazca. From the air, the Nazca Lines show humans, animals, plants, lines and geometric shapes.

Thank you Luz María and Nicolás for giving us such important information!!

Here you have a video, so you can appreciate what we are talking about. Enjoy!!


Hello everybody!! My name is Drazen and I became a reporter for one day. Let me tell you what I learned in my city tour around Lima:

- Lima is the capital and largest city of Peru.
- Lima is known as "The city of kings".
- It has beautiful balconies that were a major feature of Lima's architecture during the colonial period.
- Some touristic places to visit are: Monastery of San Francisco, the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral, the Government Palace, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, and the Covenant of Santo Domingo.

Lima has lots of beautiful things to offer and lots of beautiful places to visit! Come to Lima and see it with your own eyes!


Hello everybody!!
It's Ancash turn that comes with our friend Temístocles. Now we are near Lima, just a few kilometers away...
Temístocles presented interesting information about this city.

He explained the class about the most important snows and its names, like: Pastoruri, Alpamayo, and Huascarán.

Some of the most important places in Ancash are: Huaraz, Caraz, and Yungay (also known as the lost city). Ancash also has beautiful lakes like: LLanganuco and Querococha.

In this picture Temístocles is showing a "lanzón monolítico" replica, that is a 5 meters figure that seems to represent a swarf with a head three times bigger than his body. It also shows big teeth like puma's and his feet seem like claws.

You can find more information about Ancash in the next link:


I also found a video in which you can appreciate its beatifulness. Enjoy!

La Libertad

Hello everybody!!
Our friend Rodrigo was in charge of La Libertad and he told us many interesting things about this place and its capital: Trujillo. He explained each one of the pictures with enthusiasm and share his knowledge with the class.

As well as the other cities of Peru, La Libertad has an important cultural richness that can be aprreciated in different ways: Huanchaco beach that has "caballitos de totora (Totora seahorses)", Chan Chan ruines, Plaza de armas de Trujillo, and "arroz con pato" that is a delicious typical dish with duck and rice.

How amazing is Peru!! Don't you think?

You can find more information here:


I know that after reading this post you will want to know more about this city, so here you have a video that shows you more magic. Enjoy!!


Hello everybody!!

To continue with our presentations of our amazing Peru, we have Makarena Monge and Enzo Morales talking about Lambayeque.

Makarena told us that Lambayeque is located in the north part of the coast. She told us that Chiclayo is the capital city and also mentioned some beautiful places you can find there as well as some delicious food like "frijoles con seco de cabrito" that you can eat while staying there.

On the other side, Enzo mentioned some touristic places in Lambayeque like Plaza de Armas, The Cathedral, Sipan Museum, The cross of Motupe, and Ferreñafe. He also showed us some pictures of "huacos" from Moche's culture.

To give you some extra information, I would like you to know that:

- The name Lambayeque originates from "Llampayec", an idol that was worshipped in northern Peru.
- Lambayeque culture is also known as "Sican" that as well as "Mochica" are Pre-Colombian cultures.
- The tomb of "El Señor de Sipán" (Lord of Sipán), excavated by Walter Alva, is considered to be one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the last thirty years, because the main tomb was found intact and undisturbed by thieves.

You can find more information about Lambayeque following this link:


There is also an interesting video that shows you some images from Lambayeque. Enjoy!!


Teacher's day!!

Hello everybody!!

Here in Peru we celebrate teacher's day every July 6th and this year was not the exception. My children were preparing a special surprise for me with Miss Jessi, who is my lovely assistant.

Everything, and I really mean everything, was prepared with care, love, and detail.

I had to wait outside of the classroom for the sign to get in. I was really anxious, walking along the path wondering and expecting the best of them, as always.

I had just to put one foot inside the classroom to have all my children huging and kissing me :) It was such a beautiful day!!

Do you want to know what kind of surprises am I talking about? Look and enjoy this video!



Hello everybody!!

Let´s continue learning about Peru and its departments. We have started with Tumbes and now it's Piura's turn.

We are following the order from north to south, that means that we will go from Tumbes to Tacna in order to cover all the coast.

In this opportunity we have Sofía Zamora and Thiago Oliver as our presenters. Let's see!!

Sofía started talking about Piura's ubication in the north of the coast. She told us that the weather in Piura is always sunny and hot. She also brought us some delicious "chifles" (or plantain chips)from Piura and a "poto" to explain us that people from Piura drink "chicha de jora" served in a pot like that. Catacaos is the place where potos are made and Chulucanas the place where pottery like "gorditos" are famous, she said.

On the other side, we have Thiago, who enphasized his presentation talking about the most known beaches in Piura. There is Máncora, Órganos, and Colán. He also showed us some pictures of The "Plaza de Armas de Piura" and its cathedral. Something that was surprising for our students is that Piura that has beaches, also has deserts like Sechura.

You can find more information of Piura following this link:

You can also enjoy this video:



Hello everybody!!

As I told you before, my children have been presenting some information about touristic places from the coast of Peru.

You will have the opportunity to know more about each one of our departments and their richness,culture, and magic.

First, let´s start with Tumbes! Fernanda Rojas and Oscar Cumpa were in charge of this presentation. Enjoy!!

Oscar choose Tumbes because his family and he spend summer time there. He showed us some pictures of Tumbes' beaches like: Puerto Pizarro, Mancora, Zorritos, and Punta Sal that are the most known.

Fernanda also mentioned more touristic places to visit in Tumbes like: The Plaza de Armas and The mangrove swamps. She also told us about "ceviche de conchas negras" that is one of the seafood dishes that Tumbes offers you.

You can find more information about Tumbes following this link:

Or watching this video:


Proud of being Peruvians

Hello everybody!!

As a peruvian I have a lot to tell you about my country. But it's too much to explain only in one post, so what about doing it bit by bit?

Pre-Kinder children have learned about Peru and its three main regions: coast, highlands, and jungle.

We usually use yellow to colour the coast because of its desserts, brown for the highlands because of its mountains, and green for the jungle because of its trees and plants.

During this weeks Pre-Kinder children will continue learning about Peru, but focusing on the coast. In our case, we will be talking about touristic places of the coast.

You will find more information here while presentations are done, but I want you to start feeling the magic of Peru through this video. Hope you like it!! See you!


Happy father's day!!

"You are my best friend"
Ooo. you make me live
whatever this world can give to me.
It's you, you're all I see.
Ooo, you make me live now honey
Ooo, you make me live.
You're the best friend
that I ever had.
I've been with you such a long time.
You're my sunshine,
and I want you to know
That my feelings are true.
I really love you
You're my best friend!


Field Trip to the zoo

Hello everybody!!

Last week Pre-Kinder children went on a field trip to the zoo. "Parque Zoológico de Huachipa" is the place we have chosen to go and where we found different kind of animals including the ones that belong to the sea.

There was an aquarium that catched our students attention and interest but there was an special interest in lions and tigers, specially from boys.

On the other hand, our girls were captured by the charm and dance of penguins that were trying to catch a dragonfly and by the tallness of the giraffe, too.

We all had a very special day sharing with the other Pre-Kinder classes, having fun, and the most important of all: learning. It was a very nice day!

Here you have a slideshow with some pictures from that day. Enjoy it!!


"The lion and the mouse"

Hello everybody!!

This week my children listened to the story: "The lion and the mouse". Well, they didn't just listened but watched it! How? I took them to one of our smartboard's classroom and they enjoyed our story time in a different way.

Before watching the video my students answered some questions related to the story and when we got back to our classroom they made a mini-book with the images of the story. Of course, they had to sequence the pictures first and then we stapled them.

Today they took home the mini-book. They were really happy because they are able to share and retell this story to their parents.

Here you have the video... Hope you like it!!


Daily News March-May

Hello Eveybody!!

This year in our daily routine we included the "circle time", in which children have a special time to express their feelings, thoughts, and experiences.

During this period of time we have also been working with our "Daily News", in which children not only give information, but learn new patterns and establish English estructures. This time we used personal information to work on that.

Here, I want to share with you what we have been working from March to the first days of May. Hope you like it!!


Love... pure love!

Hello everybody!!

LOVE... a great word right? especially when it comes from one of our students...

Last week I was playing with my children during the recess time when Jessi, my assistant, listened to one of the boys asking one of the girls to marry him. Yes!! So she called me and together we asked him what was going on... He told us that when he grow up he will marry her. Ohhh at least he is going to wait!! I said to myself.

But, something that called our attention was that this boy told us a week before that he was going to marry another girl! So, we asked him: "What happened with the other girl? Aren´t you going to marry her when you grow up?" then he became very serious to answer our question and he said whispering: "Well, the other girl broke my heart"

Can you imagine? It is really amazing to know that children can be so sincere expressing their feelings and thoughts and it is more amazing to realize that love can be expressed and felt in so many different ways... but, let me tell you that never in a purest one.


Interview with Escuela Virtual Backus

Hello everybody!!

This year in January, I received an e-mail from Escuela Virtual Backus asking me for an interview.

I was surprised and so happy to know that this interview was proposed because of the work I have been doing with my children in Pre-Kinder last year. The journalist told me that she was amazed with all our process using TICs in a kindergarten classroom and of course, at our school.

So, the day finally came and I had the interview. It was posted on their Edutics blog and now I want to share with you the video in which I talk about our work at school, the wonder of having smartboards in some of our classrooms, and the marvellous things that technology offers nowadays.

Hope you like it!!



Hello everybody,

Last week my students and I had a lot of fun establishing sequences and following patterns. As always, we started first with our bodies.

They followed the order: one boy and one girl first, then we continue thinking and creating new patterns to follow. For example: two boys and one girl, two girls and one boy, or three boys and one girl.

Each time my students were reaching new goals as the task was getting harder and harder.

When we finished working with our bodies, we started working with concrete material. We used some things we have in the classroom and started establishing sequences and following patterns.

As you can see in the pictures, my students worked in groups. At the beginning it was kind of difficult for them to work together at the same time, but after talking they got to an agreement and made group decisions. They organized their work and did a great job.

After working in groups, there was a new challenge... a sequence of four colours in the patio!! Let me tell you that I was really surprised when I saw them organizing the material in the order I established: red, blue, yellow, and green.

I am really proud of my students!! They learnt how to work in groups respecting others and they liked it :)


Working with shapes!

Hello everybody!

My class is working with shapes. My children have already worked with circles and squares but it was the turn for the triangle and this is what we did:

It is important for us to let children explore and find answers by themselves. So, that's what we did! after checking the previous knowledge and the shapes we have learnt, I made a triangle on the floor using masking tape.

First I asked them: "Do you know what shape is this?" "It's a triangle", they said. OK! but... How do we know it's a triangle? "Miss Tatiana, look! we only need three of us to get one". "It's a triangle because it has only three sides", they said. Can you see that?

Knowing that a triangle has three sides then came the next step. How can we draw a triangle? Is there a correct way to do that? Let's see...

You start on the left side and GO UP.

Then, you GO DOWN.

Finally, you CLOSE the triangle.

It was very funny!! All my students were really happy to participate in groups of three and then one by one to get the same result: a triangle.

At the end of the class, my students draw a triangle on a piece of card board using pencils. They followed the correct order to make one: starting on the left, going up, then down, and finally closing the triangle. When they finished doing that, they put yellow play dough on their drawings.

Look at the results!! Good job Deer!!

Shape friends!

I'm a circle

look at me!

I'm as round

as round can be.

I have four sides

they are the same.

I'm a square

yes, that's my name.

I'm a triangle

look at me!

Count my sides

1, 2, 3.


School, school

Hello everybody!!

My students are learning new songs this week and "School, school" is one of their favourites. Here you have the lyrics:

School, school, we like school.

What do you like best at school?

School, school, we like school.

What do you like best at school?

When I asked that question to my students they answered me different things: They like to read, to color, to paint, to play, to eat, and to work.

What about your students? What about you? What do you like best at school? is a good question to answer even if you are a teacher. I invite you to answer and share it with us.

Here you have the link to download this song:


I love you, too!!

Last week I was standing near my desk checking journals and writing notes, when suddenly appeared one of my little girls so excited shouting: "Miss Tatiana, Miss Tatiana I have something to tell you".

Then, I turned around and look at her waiting for her special news. "I love you Miss Tatiana" she said, and opened her arms to hugh me. Of course I opened mine as fast as I could!! "I love you, too" I said and hughed her with all the emotions that I was feeling in that moment.

But this is not all... She said: "Miss, you don´t understand... I love you far beyond the aliens' planet" Do you understand now? It was one of the most important and wonderful moments I have ever lived as a teacher.

I always said to myself that children are the perfect thermometers beause they are always telling you in any way, how things are going on in the classroom.

I wanted to share this with you because it is really amazing for me to know that children feel your love. Remember that if there is a good rapport between you and your students I can truly assure you that everything is going to be perfect!!

Little Deer: I love you!! Thanks for being always authentic.

With love,

Miss Tatiana.


Head, shoulders, knees, and toes

Hello everybody!!

We have been practicing this song while learning parts of the face. Come on, don´t be shy!! sing and play with us!!

Head and shoulders, knees and toes
knees and toes.
Head and shoulders, knees and toes
knees and toes.

And eyes and ears
and mouth and nose.
Head and shoulders, knees and toes
knees and toes.

(repeat and make it faster and faster)

Here you have a video so you can play and have fun with the Wiggles from Disney Channel, too. Enjoy!!


Jesus is my friend today

Jesus is my friend today
clap your hands
shout hurray!!
Jesus is my friend today
We love Jesus.
Jesus is my friend today
stomp your feet
shout hurray!!
Jesus is my friend today
We love Jesus.
Jesus is my friend today
turn around
shout hurray!!
Jesus is my friend today
We love Jesus.


What's the weather?

What´s the weather?
What's the weather?
What´s the weather for today?

Is it sunny?

Is it rainy?

Is it windy out today?

How are you feeling today?

Hello everybody!!

My children and I have enjoyed these first days at school! We have started working and learning new things like for example, songs!!

Every morning we start our day singing and having fun, but we also have a time to talk about us and about how are we feeling.

So, everyday my children answer this question: "How are you feeling today?" Most of the times they are happy, sometimes they are sad, and rarely they are angry. Now, I want you to answer this question, too by singing this song:

If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands.
If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands.
If you are happy and you know it,
then your face will really show it!
If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap, clap).

If you are sad and you know it, cry out loud.
If you are sad and you know it, cry out loud.
If you are sad and you know it
then your face will really show it!
If you are happy and you know it, cry out loud (buuu, buuu).

If you are angry and you know it, stomp your feet.
If you are angry and you know it, stomp your feet.
If you are angry and you know it
then your face will really show it!
If you are happy and you know it, stomp your feet (stomp, stomp).


Nice to meet you!!

Hello everybody!!

This new school year has started and I am really happy to be back :)

Each year I have the opportunity to meet new students, to become their friend, to play together, and of course to be a team! It was last Monday when I met them for the first time and I am really glad to say that I have 17 Deer to have fun with.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you my 17 beautiful students. Here they are:

Nicolás Vega Cardoso.

Fernanda Rojas Aguero.

Enzo Morales Reyes.

Thiago Oliver Peramas.

Drazen Alvaredo Monteagudo.

Luz María Alcalá Uchuya.

Marcelo López Ojeda.

Sofía Zamora Sigüeñas.

Oscar Cumpa Ramos.

Temístocles Rodríguez Galvez.

Makarena Monge Callegari.

Rodrigo Váscones Portocarrero.

Valeria Campos Montero.

Jair Ingol Pérez.

Andrea Martínez Chávez.

Alessandro Del Prado.

Daniela Morales Macedo.