Love... pure love!

Hello everybody!!

LOVE... a great word right? especially when it comes from one of our students...

Last week I was playing with my children during the recess time when Jessi, my assistant, listened to one of the boys asking one of the girls to marry him. Yes!! So she called me and together we asked him what was going on... He told us that when he grow up he will marry her. Ohhh at least he is going to wait!! I said to myself.

But, something that called our attention was that this boy told us a week before that he was going to marry another girl! So, we asked him: "What happened with the other girl? Aren´t you going to marry her when you grow up?" then he became very serious to answer our question and he said whispering: "Well, the other girl broke my heart"

Can you imagine? It is really amazing to know that children can be so sincere expressing their feelings and thoughts and it is more amazing to realize that love can be expressed and felt in so many different ways... but, let me tell you that never in a purest one.

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