Field Trip to the zoo

Hello everybody!!

Last week Pre-Kinder children went on a field trip to the zoo. "Parque Zoológico de Huachipa" is the place we have chosen to go and where we found different kind of animals including the ones that belong to the sea.

There was an aquarium that catched our students attention and interest but there was an special interest in lions and tigers, specially from boys.

On the other hand, our girls were captured by the charm and dance of penguins that were trying to catch a dragonfly and by the tallness of the giraffe, too.

We all had a very special day sharing with the other Pre-Kinder classes, having fun, and the most important of all: learning. It was a very nice day!

Here you have a slideshow with some pictures from that day. Enjoy it!!


"The lion and the mouse"

Hello everybody!!

This week my children listened to the story: "The lion and the mouse". Well, they didn't just listened but watched it! How? I took them to one of our smartboard's classroom and they enjoyed our story time in a different way.

Before watching the video my students answered some questions related to the story and when we got back to our classroom they made a mini-book with the images of the story. Of course, they had to sequence the pictures first and then we stapled them.

Today they took home the mini-book. They were really happy because they are able to share and retell this story to their parents.

Here you have the video... Hope you like it!!