Teacher's day!!

Hello everybody!!

Here in Peru we celebrate teacher's day every July 6th and this year was not the exception. My children were preparing a special surprise for me with Miss Jessi, who is my lovely assistant.

Everything, and I really mean everything, was prepared with care, love, and detail.

I had to wait outside of the classroom for the sign to get in. I was really anxious, walking along the path wondering and expecting the best of them, as always.

I had just to put one foot inside the classroom to have all my children huging and kissing me :) It was such a beautiful day!!

Do you want to know what kind of surprises am I talking about? Look and enjoy this video!



Hello everybody!!

Let´s continue learning about Peru and its departments. We have started with Tumbes and now it's Piura's turn.

We are following the order from north to south, that means that we will go from Tumbes to Tacna in order to cover all the coast.

In this opportunity we have Sofía Zamora and Thiago Oliver as our presenters. Let's see!!

Sofía started talking about Piura's ubication in the north of the coast. She told us that the weather in Piura is always sunny and hot. She also brought us some delicious "chifles" (or plantain chips)from Piura and a "poto" to explain us that people from Piura drink "chicha de jora" served in a pot like that. Catacaos is the place where potos are made and Chulucanas the place where pottery like "gorditos" are famous, she said.

On the other side, we have Thiago, who enphasized his presentation talking about the most known beaches in Piura. There is Máncora, Órganos, and Colán. He also showed us some pictures of The "Plaza de Armas de Piura" and its cathedral. Something that was surprising for our students is that Piura that has beaches, also has deserts like Sechura.

You can find more information of Piura following this link:

You can also enjoy this video:



Hello everybody!!

As I told you before, my children have been presenting some information about touristic places from the coast of Peru.

You will have the opportunity to know more about each one of our departments and their richness,culture, and magic.

First, let´s start with Tumbes! Fernanda Rojas and Oscar Cumpa were in charge of this presentation. Enjoy!!

Oscar choose Tumbes because his family and he spend summer time there. He showed us some pictures of Tumbes' beaches like: Puerto Pizarro, Mancora, Zorritos, and Punta Sal that are the most known.

Fernanda also mentioned more touristic places to visit in Tumbes like: The Plaza de Armas and The mangrove swamps. She also told us about "ceviche de conchas negras" that is one of the seafood dishes that Tumbes offers you.

You can find more information about Tumbes following this link:

Or watching this video:


Proud of being Peruvians

Hello everybody!!

As a peruvian I have a lot to tell you about my country. But it's too much to explain only in one post, so what about doing it bit by bit?

Pre-Kinder children have learned about Peru and its three main regions: coast, highlands, and jungle.

We usually use yellow to colour the coast because of its desserts, brown for the highlands because of its mountains, and green for the jungle because of its trees and plants.

During this weeks Pre-Kinder children will continue learning about Peru, but focusing on the coast. In our case, we will be talking about touristic places of the coast.

You will find more information here while presentations are done, but I want you to start feeling the magic of Peru through this video. Hope you like it!! See you!


Happy father's day!!

"You are my best friend"
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You're my best friend!