Mother Mary, we love you

(music: twinkle twinkle)
Mother Mary we love you
and we know you love us, too.
Jesus was your little son
what a very special one.
Mother Mary we love you
and we know you love us, too.

Our school celebrated Virgin Mary's day with a morning full of love and songs for her. Our Deer were really happy to be part of this celebration and they were praying the Hail Mary with all the faith children have.

When Virgin Mary got to the centre of the patio all Kindergarten children got together inside a big circle holding their colorful balloons waiting to the final count that will tell them that it was time to let them go.

Finally, they listened a teacher counting three and everybody through their balloons to the sky wishing they could hold Mary's hands. They also promised good things to her, specially to be good kids. I am completely sure that wish has been already conceed.

Loving Mary, please hold all of us always in your arms...



Hello everybody,
We are reading this book written by Gail Saunders-Smith in class. It belongs to Harcourt's Pre-Kinder set that we actually work with at school and I am really happy to share this with you. I hope you can have some time to read this with your children at home, too.


Happy Mother's Day!!

This last friday our little children celebrated Mother's Day with a special presentation prepared for mommies. Everyone starting with the more little from Nursery and ending with the biggest from Kinder showed all their art and love to their moms.

In our case, both Pre-Kinder classes worked together and presented the song: "El caracol" with Miss Bárbara and the poem: "My mother is mine" that is actually one of the stories we have been reading in class.

This time we adapted the story and used it as a poem because of its content and structure. Here, our Deer want to say this for their moms, hoping they had a very Happy Mother's Day!!



Apple pie, apple pie
How I cry for apple pie.

Apple cake, apple cake
Won´t you make some apple cake?

Apple stew, apple stew
Just for you, some apple stew.