"Tortilla", a new friend!!

On wednesday we received a new friend at school. Yes!! it's a turtle!! Miss Carla(Kinder Kangaroos) was the person who brought the turtle to school and I want to thank her because we are really happy to have this new friend in our group.

His real name is "Tortilla" but each child had give him the name they wanted for him. Eventhough they know that it is a male turtle, some of our children insisted on calling him "Karin".

Tortilla's new habitat is our Pre-Kinder garden and now he is enjoying the pleasure of being finally sorrounded by nature. The first day he was so excited that almost run along all the garden. It was amazing to see the turtle enjoying the warm sunlight and the fresh air that comes from leaves.

It is also important to mention that this experience will help our children to learn about the responsability of having a pet and how to take care of it. Now they know for example, that "Tortilla" likes to eat lettuce and tomatoes.

I am sure that this is the beginning of a true friendship!!


Welcome to school!!

Every year we receive our students with lots of enthusiasm and love, but we also like to welcome them sharing a funny moment with a special show or presentation.

This time we had the opportunity to meet "Arena y Esteras" that is a Cultural Association from Villa El Salvador. They presented us all their art through malabarism, folk dance, folk music, and mime.

Our students were fascinated with all those artistic expressions and really happy to have them at school. They also learned about the Pachacamac legend in which they told us how the Pachacamac isles were formed. This was really a magic day!!

Here you have some pictures of what Ì'm talking about... Enjoy!!

Pre-Kinder Deer 2008

Hello everyone!!
My name is Tatiana Ugaz Poémape. I am in charge of Saint George's Pre-Kinder Deer class and I am really happy to introduce you my 18 new students. We have just started classes and we are beginning to know each other, but I am sure that this is going to be a great team!!

Here they are...

Paolo Miranda

Nicole Ruiz

Sebastián Flores

Valeria Neira

Pablo Meza

Sandra Montero

Diego Bravo

Lara Schroth

Jean Franco Dávila

Antuanette Fernández

Omar Villarreal

Fabiana Cabrejos

Fabrizio Lázaro

Ariana Rodríguez

Fabián Montenegro

Nicole Ríos

Bruno Díaz

Nadja Petrovich