Pre-Kinder Deer 2008

Hello everyone!!
My name is Tatiana Ugaz Poémape. I am in charge of Saint George's Pre-Kinder Deer class and I am really happy to introduce you my 18 new students. We have just started classes and we are beginning to know each other, but I am sure that this is going to be a great team!!

Here they are...

Paolo Miranda

Nicole Ruiz

Sebastián Flores

Valeria Neira

Pablo Meza

Sandra Montero

Diego Bravo

Lara Schroth

Jean Franco Dávila

Antuanette Fernández

Omar Villarreal

Fabiana Cabrejos

Fabrizio Lázaro

Ariana Rodríguez

Fabián Montenegro

Nicole Ríos

Bruno Díaz

Nadja Petrovich