"Tortilla", a new friend!!

On wednesday we received a new friend at school. Yes!! it's a turtle!! Miss Carla(Kinder Kangaroos) was the person who brought the turtle to school and I want to thank her because we are really happy to have this new friend in our group.

His real name is "Tortilla" but each child had give him the name they wanted for him. Eventhough they know that it is a male turtle, some of our children insisted on calling him "Karin".

Tortilla's new habitat is our Pre-Kinder garden and now he is enjoying the pleasure of being finally sorrounded by nature. The first day he was so excited that almost run along all the garden. It was amazing to see the turtle enjoying the warm sunlight and the fresh air that comes from leaves.

It is also important to mention that this experience will help our children to learn about the responsability of having a pet and how to take care of it. Now they know for example, that "Tortilla" likes to eat lettuce and tomatoes.

I am sure that this is the beginning of a true friendship!!