I love you, too!!

Last week I was standing near my desk checking journals and writing notes, when suddenly appeared one of my little girls so excited shouting: "Miss Tatiana, Miss Tatiana I have something to tell you".

Then, I turned around and look at her waiting for her special news. "I love you Miss Tatiana" she said, and opened her arms to hugh me. Of course I opened mine as fast as I could!! "I love you, too" I said and hughed her with all the emotions that I was feeling in that moment.

But this is not all... She said: "Miss, you don´t understand... I love you far beyond the aliens' planet" Do you understand now? It was one of the most important and wonderful moments I have ever lived as a teacher.

I always said to myself that children are the perfect thermometers beause they are always telling you in any way, how things are going on in the classroom.

I wanted to share this with you because it is really amazing for me to know that children feel your love. Remember that if there is a good rapport between you and your students I can truly assure you that everything is going to be perfect!!

Little Deer: I love you!! Thanks for being always authentic.

With love,

Miss Tatiana.

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Karla dijo...

Miss Tatti, que lindo anécdota imagino debe ser muy gratificante ese tipo de actitudes de los niños, son muestras del amor que reciben y ellos van cultivando, le he leido el texto a mi Andrea y ella desea decirle algo:

Miss Tati, tu tambien eres perfecta para mi. No te preocupes tengo un parche en mi quijada porque me he lastimado y en dos días estaré en el colegio. Tengo cita en el miércoles, saludos a sus hijos y a Pepe su esposo, jijiji. Te extraño y nada mas.
Andrea M.