Working with shapes!

Hello everybody!

My class is working with shapes. My children have already worked with circles and squares but it was the turn for the triangle and this is what we did:

It is important for us to let children explore and find answers by themselves. So, that's what we did! after checking the previous knowledge and the shapes we have learnt, I made a triangle on the floor using masking tape.

First I asked them: "Do you know what shape is this?" "It's a triangle", they said. OK! but... How do we know it's a triangle? "Miss Tatiana, look! we only need three of us to get one". "It's a triangle because it has only three sides", they said. Can you see that?

Knowing that a triangle has three sides then came the next step. How can we draw a triangle? Is there a correct way to do that? Let's see...

You start on the left side and GO UP.

Then, you GO DOWN.

Finally, you CLOSE the triangle.

It was very funny!! All my students were really happy to participate in groups of three and then one by one to get the same result: a triangle.

At the end of the class, my students draw a triangle on a piece of card board using pencils. They followed the correct order to make one: starting on the left, going up, then down, and finally closing the triangle. When they finished doing that, they put yellow play dough on their drawings.

Look at the results!! Good job Deer!!

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