Hello everybody,

Last week my students and I had a lot of fun establishing sequences and following patterns. As always, we started first with our bodies.

They followed the order: one boy and one girl first, then we continue thinking and creating new patterns to follow. For example: two boys and one girl, two girls and one boy, or three boys and one girl.

Each time my students were reaching new goals as the task was getting harder and harder.

When we finished working with our bodies, we started working with concrete material. We used some things we have in the classroom and started establishing sequences and following patterns.

As you can see in the pictures, my students worked in groups. At the beginning it was kind of difficult for them to work together at the same time, but after talking they got to an agreement and made group decisions. They organized their work and did a great job.

After working in groups, there was a new challenge... a sequence of four colours in the patio!! Let me tell you that I was really surprised when I saw them organizing the material in the order I established: red, blue, yellow, and green.

I am really proud of my students!! They learnt how to work in groups respecting others and they liked it :)

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