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To continue with our presentations of our amazing Peru, we have Makarena Monge and Enzo Morales talking about Lambayeque.

Makarena told us that Lambayeque is located in the north part of the coast. She told us that Chiclayo is the capital city and also mentioned some beautiful places you can find there as well as some delicious food like "frijoles con seco de cabrito" that you can eat while staying there.

On the other side, Enzo mentioned some touristic places in Lambayeque like Plaza de Armas, The Cathedral, Sipan Museum, The cross of Motupe, and Ferreñafe. He also showed us some pictures of "huacos" from Moche's culture.

To give you some extra information, I would like you to know that:

- The name Lambayeque originates from "Llampayec", an idol that was worshipped in northern Peru.
- Lambayeque culture is also known as "Sican" that as well as "Mochica" are Pre-Colombian cultures.
- The tomb of "El Señor de Sipán" (Lord of Sipán), excavated by Walter Alva, is considered to be one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the last thirty years, because the main tomb was found intact and undisturbed by thieves.

You can find more information about Lambayeque following this link:


There is also an interesting video that shows you some images from Lambayeque. Enjoy!!

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