Hello everybody!!
It's Ancash turn that comes with our friend Temístocles. Now we are near Lima, just a few kilometers away...
Temístocles presented interesting information about this city.

He explained the class about the most important snows and its names, like: Pastoruri, Alpamayo, and Huascarán.

Some of the most important places in Ancash are: Huaraz, Caraz, and Yungay (also known as the lost city). Ancash also has beautiful lakes like: LLanganuco and Querococha.

In this picture Temístocles is showing a "lanzón monolítico" replica, that is a 5 meters figure that seems to represent a swarf with a head three times bigger than his body. It also shows big teeth like puma's and his feet seem like claws.

You can find more information about Ancash in the next link:


I also found a video in which you can appreciate its beatifulness. Enjoy!

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