Nice to meet you!!

Hello everybody!!

This new school year has started and I am really happy to be back :)

Each year I have the opportunity to meet new students, to become their friend, to play together, and of course to be a team! It was last Monday when I met them for the first time and I am really glad to say that I have 17 Deer to have fun with.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you my 17 beautiful students. Here they are:

Nicolás Vega Cardoso.

Fernanda Rojas Aguero.

Enzo Morales Reyes.

Thiago Oliver Peramas.

Drazen Alvaredo Monteagudo.

Luz María Alcalá Uchuya.

Marcelo López Ojeda.

Sofía Zamora Sigüeñas.

Oscar Cumpa Ramos.

Temístocles Rodríguez Galvez.

Makarena Monge Callegari.

Rodrigo Váscones Portocarrero.

Valeria Campos Montero.

Jair Ingol Pérez.

Andrea Martínez Chávez.

Alessandro Del Prado.

Daniela Morales Macedo.

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