Field Trip to "El Arriero" 2

Hello everybody!

As I promise you before, I am going to tell you more about our last adventure to "El Arriero" and the activities my children enjoyed there.

There were some games they liked a lot! one of them consisted in catching a hen that afraid was running with no direction. Can you imagine all my students running towards her? It was really funny! lots of laughs and screams mixed while running. The winner of this game was: Sandra Montero Arias, who received a plant as a prize.

The other game I want to share with you consisted in finding a carrot that was hidden in the straw. It was so easy for our winner: Bruno Díaz Ruíz, who won a plant, too.

Do you want to see what I'm talking about? Of course you can!! I made this video thinking of you... Hope you like it!

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Liliana Y. dijo...

Miss Tatiana,
Thank you very much for sharing those exciting moments with us all. I have heard so much about the experience at El Arriero from Nadja... Very funny and very interesting too!
Un abrazo,
Liliana, mamá de Nadja