"The Farmer and the beet"

Following our school's methodology based in language acquisition, and having storytelling as one powerful tool, we always read and listen to stories in class. In this opportunity, I want to show you how we worked with the story: "The Farmer and the beet".

After listening to the story, my students answered comprehension questions, following some language patterns that we have practiced in class like short answers: Is this a ....? Yes, it is / No, it isn't and also answering questions like: What is this? It's a .... Then, we proceeded to dramatize the story.

But to start dramatizing it, we need volunteers! Who wants to be the farmer? Who wants to be the horse? Who wants to be the cow? Who wants to be the dog? Who wants to be the cat? Who wants to be the mouse? I asked. My deer never ever rejected a chance like that.

Now that we have all the characters we can start dramatizing the story!They pulled and pulled... but the beet did not come up! So, the mouse pulled on the cat, the cat pulled on the dog, the dog pulled on the cow, the cow pulled on the horse, the horse pulled on the farmer, the farmer pulled on the beet, and the beet finally came up!
When we finished dramatizing the story, we learned the song: "The farmer and the beet" and we sang and dramatized it, too.
We really learn having fun in class and storytelling sessions allow our students to acquire the language by following patterns and to increase their vocabulary by using it in context. See you in another story!!