Vegetables and fruits

These last weeks we have been learning about vegetables and fruits. Some of them were already known like carrot, potato, apple or banana; but our Deer have increased their vocabulary with words like cabbage, peas, custard apple and strawberries.We always like to play with chants and rhymes and this time wasn't the exception. We had learned the Navajo chant "Tortillas, tortillas" before and we had a great time playing with it changing the word tortillas for the name of a vegetable or fruit.

Another activity related with the topic was a cooking day! We decided to prepare a vegetable soup and so we did. Everyone brought a vegetable from home and we went to the kitchen to prepare our delicious vegetable soup. Everybody made a great job peeling, cutting and washing the vegetables. Then, they followed all the steps and took turns to help me put the vegetables in the pot with water.

It took about 20 minutes to have our soup ready and our Deer didn't refuse to eat it. Almost all of them asked for more!! At the end of the day we were really happy because our recipe was a success. Hmmmm...