Veggie Patch Project: Planting

Hello everybody!!

I am really glad to tell you about the Veggie Patch Project and all what it involves. First of all I should say that in our school, all children from Nursery up to Lower 5th plant their veggies and become farmers for a while.

Yesterday our gardener, Mr. Gregorio, told my students how to prepare the ground to have it ready for planting seeds. My class knew how the radish seeds look like and they planted them with lots of enthusiasm.One by one my children were throwing the radish seeds hoping to watch them grow sooner.

In the coming days we will show you how we are taking care of our plants and how they are growing. We invite you to follow us in this new adventure and please do not stay away from the process because we promise that it will be great!!

See you soon!!

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anne marie dijo...

This sounds like a marvelous project- cant wait to see the results! I also enjoyed learning about Farmer's Day- thanks for sharing.
anne marie

lucy dijo...

Excellent work Tatiana!!! Thanks for all what you do for our little kids! Hope you invite me to share a delicious salad with you all in your class.