Solidarity Week

As you remember, last year in August our country suffered a terrible earthquake and people from Chincha, Pisco, and Ica were the most affected. I think that nobody can forget that terrible day when many families were destroyed and we remember the pain that was in our people's eyes.

Many schools felt down and are completely destroyed now. From that day on many children are studying in parks and wherever they can. Our school is really concerned about this situation and decided to put hands in action and started collecting founds to help one of those schools that is in Sunampe-Chincha.

That is the main reason why last week we had the "Solidarity week". Students had the opportunity to collaborate with this important mission participating in three days full of fun that were organized like this:

First day: Jeans day
Second day: Extravagant day
Third day: Hat day

My children and I couldn´t stay away of collaborating and we participated in all those activities. The funniest day for us was the "Hat day" in which we saw lots of different amazing hats around the school. We are really happy to tell you that we collected S/. 7,686.10 nuevos soles in this solidarity campaign.

Children in Sunampe-Chincha will have a new school thanks to all the parents and students that gave their support and help. God bless you all!!

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