Happy Teacher's Day!!

This morning couldn´t start in a better way than with lots of kisses and hughs!! My children had been prepairing a lot of surprises for me to celebrate Teacher's Day together. All of them were really excited about this day and with Miss Nathy's help everything went just perfect!!

I have to tell you that I am really proud of my children and amazed to notice that they created the poem they had recited for me today!! I can only find one word to describe it: "beautiful" just like that...

After I listened to the poem, they gave me a beautiful card, flowers and a magic box full of chocolates. They also made a video expressing thoughts to me. But the most important of all was that everything was made with love.

Finally, I want thank Nathy and all my children for such a great day. I love you with all my heart!! I also want to extend my greetings to every teacher in the world, wishing you the best of all: the love of your students... Happy Teacher´s Day!!

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