Independence of Peru

This July 28th our country celebrates one more year of being independent. My children learned about Don Jose de San Martin's dream and decided to publish it in our class mural. San Martin's dream tells us how he designed the first peruvian flag and why did he choose red and white to be the main colors of it.

Many years ago San Martin was thinking about having a peruvian flag to identify our country, but he couldn't decide how would it be... One day, he was resting under a palm tree in Paracas when suddenly he fell asleep. Then, he started to dream and in his dream he saw some beautiful birds that had their body white and their wings red flying up in the sky.

When he woke up he saw those birds flying up in the sky, just like in his dream!! Those birds were flamingoes that never ever imagine that their color will distinguish an entire nation. That day, Don Jose de San Martin designed the first peruvian flag, that later will suffer some changes until the one we have now.

After some problems and fighting some wars, Don Jose de San Martin proclaimed the independence of Peru in Lima on July 28, 1821 after he declared it in November 1820 from a Huaura's balcony.

We are happy of being Peruvians and we celebrate with all our hearts being independent and free. Come and join us with this celebration and tell everybody: ¡Viva el Perú!

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