Crosscurricular Project

Hello everybody,

During the last two weeks everybody here at school was involved in our cross curricular project "Scientific Minds in Action". Every class was developing a theme related with the topic of our project.

Our class had the mission of recycling cardboard and my students learned more about the importance of recycling and giving new uses and functions to things that are not useful anymore.

So, that´s what we did!! all my students brought cardboard (in every kind of presentation)and then we started the process of creation. I have to admit that my class is very creative, that's why my students didn't doubt in showing all their art and expressing all their ideas.

In this picture you can see some of the things that we made recycling cardboard. My children were really happy showing and explaining others how they did the robot and the house. Everything was prepaired and painted by them.

I am going to show you more details about this wonderful project in the coming posts. See you!!

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Liliana Y. dijo...

Miss Tatiana,
That was a wonderful way to start teaching them the importance of recycling.
We can't wait to see more of the class participating in that interesting project!
Liliana, Nadja's mom

Juan José dijo...


Felicitaciones!. Siempre actualizado tu blog!. No hay duda que el equipo de Prekinder son las más activas publicando artículos interesantes.

Juan José