Storytelling in Spanish

Hello everybody!!

It's a pleasure for me to tell you that my children are working on a storytelling classroom project in Spanish named: "Cuéntame un cuento".

How does it work?
Every week we make a raffle to know who is going to be our new storyteller. In this case, we choose two names and those students have to select a story from our library and take it home where their parents read it to them. On the next day, they have to bring the story back to school and tell it with their own words to all their classmates.

Our first week storytellers were Valeria Neira and Pablo Meza. Good job Deer!

With this video I want to show you how they developed this great project. Stay alert because we have more storytellers coming!! Hope you like it!!

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Liliana Y. dijo...

Great job! I look forward to seeing more storytellers!
Liliana, Nadja's mom