New friends!

Hello everybody!
I want to share with you something really special for me...
Last Sunday I met two teachers from United Sates. Their names are Silvia and Terry, they came from San Jose Episcopal Day School, Jacksonville Florida.

As you can see in the picture, they are holding a teddy bear. His name is Jose and he travels with them around the world. This year they had the opportunity to come to Peru to visit Cuzco and Puno. Jose helps these teachers to explain their kids how people live in other countries through pictures and videos they post in their blog. You can find more details about their adventure in our country in the next link: http://sjeds.com/blog/latinamerica/

Silvia, Terry, and Jose didn´t come alone. They came with Jose´s brother, another teddy bear that they gave to me. I promised them to take care of this new friend and to introduce him to my students on Tuesday. And that's what I did!! Today my students met Jose´s brother and named him Jorge.

So, last Sunday morning we had breakfast together and we could enjoy some delicious peruvian food like tacu-tacu, chicharrón, relleno, and tamal. Even Jose and Jorge were excited to try these new peruvian flavors. When we finished the breakfast, we went to have a walk around Barranco.

But time didn't let us stay more longer together and it was time to say good bye... I left them in the hotel and thanked for such a great morning, for letting me knowing them, and for giving me the chance of working some projects together in the future. Thank you Silvia and Terry and remember that you are always welcome here! Finally we asked the taxi driver who was waiting for them to take us a picture, and here it is! Five new friends!

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Ursula Tello dijo...


I am glad you are doing such a wonderful work with your kids. I am sure they enjoyed having a new "friend" in their classroom.

It is very useful for them to know that English allow them to interact with other people around the world.

Congratulations again and KEEP IT UP!


Rene Torres Visso dijo...

Saludos Miss Tatiana,

Es una gran experiencia que puede multiplicarse con entusiasmo y perseverancia, ejemplo digno de imitar.

Felicitaciones por su gran labor.

Rene Torres Visso.

Rosita Ríos R. dijo...

Amiga que guardadito lo tenias, que hermosa experiencia. Es importante poder conocer personas en diferentes lugares pues te abre puertas y aprendes de ellos asi como ellos aprenden de ti.

Liliana Y. dijo...

Miss Tatiana,
Nadja is so excited about meeting Jorge and I am very happy for the opportunity for you and the kids
to make new friends. It is always important to make the kids feel part of a big world, where people from different countries and cultures can share experiences accepting and enjoying diversity above all.
Liliana, Nadja's mom

Langwitches dijo...

Miss Tatiana,
It was such a pleasure to meet you in Lima last week. We are back home in Jacksonville/USA and are very excited to start playing, singing, and reading with Jorge and your students. Isn't technology great to allow us to be friends across distances.
Muchisimas gracias for taking us to breakfast. We enjoyed your company and the great food tremendously.
besos y abrazos desde Florida